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The Basics

Your Full Name
Your Address
Your telephone number(s)
Your email address
Do you have a clean driving licence?
Do you have your own vehicle?

Summarise Your Skills

Briefly list your specific skills and/or areas of expertise

Work Experience

List previous roles in chronological order
(starting from the present day)
Give a date range for each position
(e.g. May 2010 – January 2011)
Write a brief description of each role and its duties
What skills did you use in each role?
What did you learn from each role?
Be sure to explain any gaps
(e.g. illness, travelling)


List universities / colleges / schools you attended, starting with the most recent
Give a date range for each one
(e.g. September 2009 – July 2012)
Highlight relevant qualifications and grades

Hobbies & Interest

Briefly list some of your outside interests
(e.g. tennis, blogging, music)
If possible, focus on hobbies / interests that are relevant to the job)

Finishing Off

Add ‘references available on request’
(and make sure you’re able to supply them)
Check your spelling and grammar
(consider asking someone else to read your CV)
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